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14th-Oct-2009 12:21 am - Promote! ♥
Slowly getting done all of things I've been wanting to do for the community. Here are 4 promo blinkies that can be used to promote! They're all hosted at tinypic so feel free to hotlink.

Next I will be working on the userinfo!
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14th-Oct-2005 10:53 pm(no subject)

Welcome to likemagic! You must join to begin requesting. Membership is currently open, but please make sure that you are crediting your graphics to makers. You DO NOT need to comment here to be accepted.

I recommend adding the community to your friends list before you apply to join, but it's not necessary. Do note though that if the community is not on your friends list, it is your responsibility to check the community for pickups if you request.

Access denied: If you were denied membership to the community: (a)Check and make sure you're crediting for the icons and graphics you are using (even if you made them yourself!); (b)Apply with the journal that you use, community only journals will not be accepted; (c)If you're a new LJ user, you will not be accepted if you have no entries or friends.

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