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Like Magic!

Formerly FabFreebies...

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Welcome to likemagic, one of the most active freebie communities on livejournal! Here you will find all types of graphices, including: icons, blinkies, sigtags, banners, and more. Membership is currently open, so click JOIN now! :D

MAKERS: aryam88 babylon20 bluetwinkles fairytale hiscutiejd idiedinmydreamz blossombunny lovekel ms_storyteller my_written_soul fanciness seaside bonfires 090487

RULES: 001. Read and follow each maker's individual rules; 002. ALWAYS comment after picking up a graphic; 003. ALWAYS credit MAKER@LIKEMAGIC using lj-tags; 004. Absolutely no drama will be tolerated. Be respectful of both makers and members; 005. DO NOT BE A REQUEST HOG!; 006. Do not request past the limit. Be polite and delete your request.

Failure to follow these simple rules will lead to your removal from the community!

AFFILIATES: _best_banners enam0re blinkiesheaven blinkiesaurus extrafoam heavenly_pixels hugsroverrated iconiclyyours loveeletters mygraphixarehot myspace_layouts nbaicons neonstreetlites paintawish pixel2blinkie pixie_whisper pocketoflovlies rand0m_jad0re ravishiing refuted scareful weheartquotes xlovespelledx

For the simple pleasure of decorating your website ...